Monday, October 1, 2007

Withdrawal pains

FrontPage Magazine (for which I've written) has continued its tradition of publishing erstwhile antiwar conservatives who have seen the light and decided to attack their brethren. This time the author in question is William Hawkins, apparently a sore loser from his John Randolph Club debate on how quickly we should get out of Iraq. Hawkins was on the go-slow side, a position that's defensible even though his conduct is not.

Justin Raimondo has responded adequately here. Chronicles executive editor Scott Richert has here. Daniel Larison made short work of Hawkins here. It's probably to the antiwar right's credit. Many conservatives I respect continue support the Bush administration's policy in Iraq. Far fewer who I respect substitute "unpatriotic conservative" smears or their like for genuine debate on the most pressing foreign policy issue of our time.

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